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Car Show June, 2003

Car Show In Hermiston, Oregon
June 29, 2003

Euros, Slammers, and Classics oh yeah!

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I heard some music late on a Sunday afternoon on June 29, 2003. I grabbed my digital camera and followed the music to a local park about two blocks from where I live.

When I got there I discovered it wasn't a concert or dance in the park but a car show.

The cars ran from early 50's slammers to brand new euro racers along with bicycles, vans, suv's and other items.

While many cars were from Yakima, Wenatchee, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla one of the local club members told me that they are working in have more local cars in next years show. The main thing is to get word of the car club and show circuit out to the people in Hermiston and north east Oregon who could be part of car shows.

Car Show wideshot The park, on the west side of Hermiston between Hermiston Avenue and Orchard Avenue was a great location for cars and the people who love them.
Death Row Death Row Death Row Death Row is an awesome car from Washington that was simply immaculate. From engine to paint to the nice plating the car was amazingly nice.
Chevy Pickup 1991 There were several nice trucks at the show. This 1991 Chevy caught my eye with it's nice ground effects and huge wheels.

1960s Ford Fairlane This 1960s era Ford Fairlane had nice chrome, paint and a classic interior. I had a flashback to the 1960s riding in the back seat of a Ford Falcon when my folks drove to the drive in movies.
Bouncing Impalla Towards the end of the day a number of low riders with hydraulics gave the audience something to watch. Just a side note - digital cameras won't be truly perfect until they actually take a picture when you push the shutter release. I took about 10 shots just to make sure I ended up with two that had the car in mid bounce. With another car I took 5 shots and not a single one had the car in mid bounce. So, as with so many things in life, timing is everything when it comes to taking photos with digital cameras.
Low Rider Bicycle Not all vehicles on display contained engines. This is one of the low rider bicycles that competed in their division. There were several 10 to 20 year olds riding their low rider bicycles around the park.

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Posted August 20, 2003

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