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What's New

March 2001


From October, 2000 until late January, 2001 the BMCC web servers were not accessible to staff and faculty to update and work on web pages. It has taken me some time to wade through all the updates that need to be done. So I am adding them now on a regular basis. I am also updating some of the links.

For example you may want to check out a photography site that is based in British Columbia.

Working on the mistakes

I have been busy trying to make all the links, especially the internal ones, work properly. There are still some that have to be taken care of. If you discover some links, either internal or external to the site please let me know by emailing the webmaster.

Counting on you

I have a added a web counter to see if anybody is really coming to my web site. Amazingly there are some folks who have checked out my site and some apparently actually return to it for whatever reason. Glad you folks come by.

Going to Hawaii

I will be going to Hawaii with the Blue Mountain Community College Choirs during spring break. The plan is to photograph and video tape the activities and competition that the choirs will be involved in. Of course the photos and maybe even a video clip or two will end up on this site.

The Coats

The Coats concert on February 18, 2000 was a ton of fun. The show was reportedly a sellout. If you get a chance to see the Coats in person by all means do so.

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Posted March 16, 2001
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