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The Issue of Content 98.6

By Terry Aichele

Posted June 24, 1998

I have been working on web page creation and design for over one and a half years. My own web page, Image has been up and running for over six months.

In the last half year I have found out about the importance of content. Creating content takes time. It takes research. My initial web page was a like a clothesline. As time has progressed I've been hanging things on that clothesline.

The comments from site visitors have generally been quite positive. I wish to cover some of the critical comments.

"Where's the beef?" or "Is that all there is?" These questions fit in the "why isn't there more content to your web site" category.

Of course, some people asking this kind of question have little or no idea what is involved in creating and maintaining a web site. There's the writing, proofing, scanning, test it, check it, and uploading it. This all takes time. I am getting better at allocating time to the web page and forcing myself to create new material.

Plus it's my web page, I can have anything I want on it.

"Why don't you change the cover photo?"

I like the photo. It's one of my favorites of this past year.

I believe in supporting Beth Peterson and the BMCC Theatre program. Having a photo from the best produced and directed play in the last two years is a great acknowledgement for a fantastic educator.

"Shouldn't the site be more dynamic and interactive?"

In time it might be that way. I have been planning and working on updates and changes for this summer. Plus the usual maintenance- fixing links, adding new ones, correcting spelling and freshening the look of the site. I am working on updating the navigation bar at the bottom of most pages.

I'm always looking for some new way of adding dynamic interactivity to the web site. For example, under dynamic content, it would be neat to have a "weather cam" of some kind.

From day one I have attempted to make my site topical and timely. Over the past four months I have placed temporary links to sites such as the National Association of Broadcasters NAB Show in Las Vegas or the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan on my opening page. I plan on continuing this practice. In fact check out the link to World Cup 98 France 98 Soccer Official Web Site.

I will continue to add comments, information, articles, and stories written by me. I have offered gallery space to my photography students and so far I haven't had any takers. This will hopefully change in time.

Creating content takes time, inspiration, research, writing, rewriting, proofreading, and correcting. Currently this web site is like a magazine or book. It is growing and changing, even if the changes aren't very apparent at times.

Some people might wonder why my site isn't "focused." Personally, I think it's very focused. But some feel that it should just be about photography. Or just video. Or just computer imaging. Or just graphic design.

Fortunately from my perspective I'm not a one subject person. I am very interested in and track many forms of communication. My background, training, education and experience has made me interested in the fine arts, commercial arts, film, TV, video, radio, computers and publishing. Thus I track these arts and stay informed on the latest issues and actions in the various media.

For those who think the site should be more about computers that's like saying the site should be about pencils or pens. Most of these pages started out as notes scrawled on a piece of paper. I have my favorite pencils and pens. They are a technology. They are a tool that is a means to an end.

How are tools like a computer used? What are the tools used for? What are the ethics of using these tools? Now that's getting into some interesting issues and subject matter.

Working on creating this web site is like making my own paper, stretching my own canvas. Processing my own film.

Not only is there the pride of doing the job myself but the confidence of knowing that I can set a goal and attain it. This site is pretty much how I saw it in my mind. This is the way I want Image to look and feel. This site isn't based on some template created by a drone sitting in a cubicle at some mega corporation near Seattle on orders from some puckered billionaire with dillusions of global domination.

This is a project I am very proud of.

Thanks, and keep the comments coming.

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