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The Making of IMAGE

by Terry Aichele

You could say that IMAGE has been kicking around for years. My inspiration comes from my earliest drawings as a child to the books I designed while attending the University of Oregon and my work over the last 14 years as the BMCC Graphic Artist. My degrees in Fine and Applied Arts and Telecommunications have always been a positive background for my creative work. Some might say that the Internet will have a synergy similar to working in video and the fine and commercial arts.

Summer of 1996 saw me connect up to the Internet through an ISP in Hermiston Oregon. I spent 4 hours trying, unsuccessfully, to download Netscape. I began thinking that something was wrong with my computer and modem. Then several (frustrating) days later I discovered that the ISP was having "problems" with their system.

Finally, once the connections started working I logged on to the Atlanta Summer Olympics Web Site. It was like a totally amazing new world was opening up.

The graphics I saw on the web were both good and bad. Mostly this was because of the limitations that the HTML coding at the heart of World Wide Web creates. However, some of the best stuff I've seen was simple and to the point. The best stuff seemed to work to the strengths of HTML.

Like most people I want fast downloads and logical layout. Initially the ISP provided 14,400 connections. Over the last couple of years the speed they connect with has risen to 56K. However 56K has so many limitations based on phone line limits and varying ISP support that I'm sticking with 33.6 for now. So I've tried to make this site as fast a download as I can make it. Hopefully you won't have to go have a cup of coffee and read War and Peace while waiting for this site to load. Well, except for those big photo files.

"Web Design" to some is an oxymoron. To others it is a solid basis on which to create informative material and communicate with others.

In some ways the WWW has the feel of what the early presses around the time of Gutenburg must have been like. Back in those days there were people that wanted that first press to produce full color and illuminated manuscripts. Likewise today there are those who want the Internet to do more than it is currently designed to do. Like wanting high definition streaming video or 6 channel stereo sound when just getting an email across the country can be an adventure.

This Site

I've been working on this site for over a year. Of course nobody really saw those early "beta" versions. I was always coming up with more ideas and things to try out. There were times when I was close to putting something up. Then I would critically analyse what I was doing, how it looked, what the layout was, what the tone was, what people were looking for.

This site will hopefully be a balance between links of interest to the students of my classes and original material supporting the classes that I teach. I'm also hoping that some students may want to post some of their photos on the Internet through IMAGE.

This site will also be an outlet for my creative energy. So keep checking back to see the updates, new photos, new links, and new articles.

As with so many Internet sites-links do change, they disappear, then reappear. I try to keep up on the changes and share them with you as rapidly as I can.

I have put several hundred hours work into this site on my own time. I hope that you find this information useful.

Thanks and have a great new year!

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