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The Return of IMAGE

On January 31, 2003 I was told that my job at a community college was being eliminated following the defeat of Oregon Ballot Measure 28. Ballot Measure 28 was temporary funding legislation to cover the loses in tax income that the state of Oregon had suffered following the economic slow down America has suffered since March, 2001. Of course, Oregon's problems started with Ballot Measure 5 the creation of sack of crap republican wackos like Bill Sizemore.

My last day at the college was February 28, 2003.

I have been looking for work since January, 2003. At a certain point I decided that I had to get IMAGE and my other websites up and running again. My local ISP charged about $40 a month for 20MB of material. IMAGE by itself was 60 MB. Even with the rewriting of the site it was still about 45MB. Then I had other material for more websites. So I started searching for independent ISP's that didn't cost $500 a year. In June my search began and by the end of July I made my decision on the web host. Webhosting for $7.95 a month. I had to register a domain and the company handled that for me for a small additional fee. But overall it was painless and affordable. During August and September I have been writing, uploading and fixing bugs on my website.

Image is made up of hundreds of files and links. If I was to print out the code it would be around 500 pages. So it took awhile to rewrite and fix the code for the new web host.

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Posted August 6, 2003

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