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Digital photo of the moon

Photo of the moon taken on May 23, 2008 by Terry Aichele.
The picture was taken through an Orion ShortTube 90 using
a 25mm eyepiece, a correct image 45 degree diagonal and
Orion SteadyPix camera mount to support a Nikon L11 6MP
point and shoot digital camera.

I sat up a tripod and scope on one of the nicest evenings
we had in the last couple of weeks. After observing the moon
for several minutes I decided it was time to try out my new
setup for attaching a camera to my scope. I bought the
Orion SteadyPix following the lunar eclipse in February
of 2008. It's funny how the spring weather has been around
here. It was warmer on that night in February and most of
March than it has been during the end of March and all of April.

There were good observation conditions on May 23 so I took about
100 photos and picked through them the for the best. This is one
of my favorite shots from the evening.

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